Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Drunk History

     I stumbled on what may be my second favorite television show. I say second favorite due to the fact that Better Call Saul is now my favorite. So, as I was relaxing after a long day of work and flipping channels before the new episode of Better Call Saul aired I stumbled onto a show called Drunk History. It was on the Comedy Channel. Deciding to check it out I not only learned a few things but also laughed. If only my history teacher in high school would have been allowed to teach drunk, I may have done much better in class! The basic premise of the show is that the narrator is drunk. As they tell the story, it is being acted out. However the actors are lip syncing what the narrator is saying which makes it very entertaining. I will have to catch up on all of the episodes online. I saw Dolly Madison and Edith Wilson which were both very good. Casey Wilson played Dolly Madison and Courtney Cox played Edith Wilson. The show is definitely very entertaining while also being educational. 

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